Stone Masonry

What is Stonemasonry?

Stonemasonry is a traditional craft that uses cut and prepared stone in construction work. Each stone is bonded together using mortar. This method can be employed to create buildings, structures, and sculptures. In addition, stonemasons can use this skill for building, renovating, or restoring.

Stonemasonry requires years of training and experience; therefore, only a highly skilled mason can carry out this work.

The art of stone masonry can create beautiful structures, including Sea walls, Fireplaces, Chimneys, Stairs, Internal finishes, Feature walls, Garden beds, Water features and much more!

Our Sydney professionals in stone masonry are incredibly skilled in this trade. We use high-quality stone materials, including Sandstone, Limestone, Bluestone and Granite.

We also offer a range of finishes such as Rockfaced, Sparrowpicked, Sawnfinished, Bush Hammered, and Bull Nosing.

What are the Different Types of Stonemasonry?

Stonemasonry can be separated into two main categories, Ashlar Masonry and Rubble Masonry.

Ashlar Masonry utilises finely dressed stones in construction that are cut into uniform shape and size. The texture of each of the stones is also the same. These stones are laid using equal amounts of cement or mortar for a symmetrical appearance. Construction that employs this masonry method will appear well-balanced with a smooth finish.

There are many variations of Ashlar masonry, such as Fine, Rough, and Chamfered. Our team of experts will be happy to advise you on which style is best for you!

Rubble Masonry is exceptionally different to Ashlar, as it uses irregular and uneven stones of varying shapes, sizes and textures. This results in a rougher, non-uniform appearance that can add a lot of interest and character to a building or structure.

There are again many options within Rubble masonry, including Coursed, Uncoursed, Dry and Polygonal. Our friendly professionals are available to help you choose which is the right option for your project.

What are the Advantages of Stone Masonry?

One of the primary benefits of stone masonry is that stone walls are strong, weather-resistant, and far more durable. This makes stone masonry an excellent choice for outdoor structures, walls, or buildings that are used regularly.

A further benefit is that stone masonry structures require very little maintenance due to the durability of stone blocks!

Stonemasonry is also very aesthetically pleasing. Its utilisation of stones with different textures, colours and sizes result in an eye-catching, attractive appearance.

What is the Difference Between Stone Masonry and Brick Masonry?

As the name suggests, the main difference between these two crafts is that stone masonry uses stone blocks, whilst brick masonry is constructed with bricks! 

Both of these types of masonry have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on your personal needs and preferences. Stonemasonry can be more expensive than Brick masonry; however as mentioned previously, it is more durable and long-lasting. 

ALM Masonry Constructions team of specialist stonemasons are ready to assist you in creating your perfect stonemasonry project! No matter what style or size of the project you have in mind, we can help you make it a reality. Contact us today on to get started and receive a free consultation!