About us

About ALM Masonry

Welcome to ALM Masonry Constructions! We are a family business providing stonemasonry, brickwork and blockwork services in the Sydney area. 

Our managing director, Andrew Mulqueeny, has over 25 years of experience in construction work.

Thanks to his impressive record of high-quality construction projects, attention to detail, and well-deserved qualifications, Andrew is Sydney’s number 1 Masonry Specialist.

Andrew began his masonry career in 1987, where he specialised in building Count Rumford fireplaces. He then progressed to bricklaying as his principal trade before primarily working with stone.

Andrew is a highly qualified tradesman who has worked on projects in Australia, the United Kingdom and Italy! In 1991, he became a Certificate III Licensed Tradesman. He then continued to progress as a qualified tradesman before earning his Certificate IV Builders License. 

By 2013, Andrew had also achieved a Certificate V diploma in building and construction, which skills he now utilises in construction management, to bring all of his projects to successful completion.

Andrew has a professional yet approachable manner. At the core of his strong work ethic is his commitment to quality workmanship.

He has been self-employed for many years, managing large and small bricklayers and stonemasons teams on many projects, including structural or facade work.

ALM Masonry generally operates with about 5 or 6 tradesmen. All our workers have many years or even decades of experience, so you can be sure your construction project will be of the highest quality. 

Our team have a fantastic work ethic and a very keen eye for detail. We have been part of many award-winning projects from the MBA and HIA, which you can take a look at in our gallery.

All team members are fully insured and well trained to handle even the most difficult of tasks. 

We even offer a free consultation to discuss your project with our team before making any final decisions. In addition, our warm and friendly staff are ready to provide any advice or assistance you may need in preparing for your construction project.

ALM Masonry Constructions can revitalise your existing home or create beautiful new structures! Contact us today to receive your free consultation and see how our construction experts can help you achieve your dream project!