ALM Masonry Constructions is a highly respected, Sydney-based construction company.

The ALM Masonry team have worked on numerous award winning projects throughout Sydney.

ALM Masonry Constructions Specialties

We are a Sydney-based masonry company that is well-respected in the local area for our high-quality construction work. We stand out from other masonry construction companies with our award-winning projects, excellent customer service and great communication.

Our team of experts specialise in stone masonry, brickwork and blockwork. We have built a reputation for outstanding workmanship with a keen eye for detail. 

Stonemasonry is a traditional work that uses stone to build or repair buildings and structures. It requires skill, training, and experience. As such, it is a skill that is in demand, making it a potentially tricky task to find an experienced stonemason. However, with ALM Masonry, you can find skilled, hard-working stonemasons right on your doorstep! 

Andrew Mulqueeny, the construction manager of ALM Masonry, is the number one masonry specialist in Sydney. Both Andrew and his team are fully qualified, with many years of experience in stonemasonry, brickwork and blockwork.

 Andrew has over 25 years of experience in these fields. Over this time, he has also achieved various construction certificates and qualifications, which make him an excellent construction manager who can ensure your project has a successful result. Please take a look at our About Us page to learn more about our highly-experienced team.

At ALM Masonry Constructions, we are committed to making our clients happy. We deliver a professional hands-on approach, with client satisfaction as our top priority. We work closely with architects, builders and clients, encouraging open and honest communication to ensure we satisfy the exacting specifications of any job we put our name to. We welcome you to visit our Testimonials page and see what our satisfied clients have said about us!

What We Do

At ALM Masonry Construction, our team of Sydney professionals is highly experienced in various construction areas. Our tradesmen are skilled in stonemasonry and can construct all types of brickwork and blockwork, whether structural or facade work. Take a look below to see more details of the services we provide:


Our tradesmen are well-qualified in the art of stonemasonry and have many years of experience. 

Whether you need a renovation, restoration or a completely new build, our skilled stonemasonry team can help! We offer a range of different stones, including granite, limestone, marble and bluestone. You can also choose from various finishes to achieve the look you desire. 

We can carry out our work on many projects, including fireplaces, water features, chimneys, feature walls and much more. To find out more about our stonemasonry work, call us now or feel free to visit our services page.


Our team of professionals can assist with brickwork renovations, repairs, new builds and extensions. Andrew initially began his construction career in brickwork, building fireplaces. Now, with decades of experience, he and his team of skilled workmen can create stunning brickwork projects of all kinds.

We can carry out these brickwork services for such projects as arches, feature walls, fences, repointing, pizza ovens and garden beds! At ALM Masonry Constructions, we are even experienced in heritage work to assist with renovations, repairs or new builds on historic buildings that need extra care and attention. 

If you have a brickwork project and would like the assistance of our professional team, you can contact us now using the details below or visit our services page to find out more about our brickwork projects.


ALM Masonry Constructions skilled team can help with blockwork projects using quality concrete or cement blocks. We have experience working on different projects, including retaining walls, concrete footings, and load-bearing walls. 

Our blockwork is carried out to an extremely high standard to ensure quality, safety, and durability. 

If you would like more information about the blockwork we carry out, check out our services page, or give us a call today!

Award-Winning Projects

Andrew and his team have successfully completed a range of award-winning construction projects, including:

  • Cammeray & Birchgrove projects -
    HIA Winners for Sunland Group 2006 & 2009

  • Mosman project 2006 / 2007 -
    Featured in Issue 71 ‘Houses’ (architecture magazine)
    Architect - Fox Johnston

  • Beacon Hill project 2003 – Featured on Channel 7 ‘Hot Property’

If you have a construction project you need carrying out, why not leave it in the safe, capable hands of our award-winning construction team?

High-Quality Materials

In order to ensure that our stonemasonry, brickwork and blockwork are of the highest standard, we strive to use the best quality materials.

We predominantly source sandstone from inside the Sydney artesian basin for our stonemasonry projects. However, we can also obtain top-quality travertine, limestone, bluestone, and granite, depending on your personal preference!

Prioritising the use of high-quality materials ensures that every project we finish is durable and extremely attractive in appearance!

Whether your project is private or commercial, we guarantee that our team will take the utmost care when choosing materials so that you can experience superior and long-lasting results!

Projects Big and Small

At ALM Masonry Constructions, we have the necessary skills and equipment to assist with any project, from small private contracts to large architectural and commercial projects. 

Andrew’s qualifications and builders license provide him with the skills to manage his construction team and work on any building project, whether small or large.

No matter the size, budget, or style of the work you require, we can help you achieve it. Contact us now to find out how we can help you with your project!

Heritage Work

Historical buildings and structures are a thing of great beauty yet can also be remarkably delicate and fragile. Therefore, these old structures require regular repairs and restoration to keep them looking their best. 

Heritage work must be undertaken to protect these historic structures and maintain them over time. When carrying out this work, it is vital to ensure that the structure’s original character and historical significance are not lost in the process, even if some changes are necessary.

ALM Masonry is very experienced in heritage work and can assist you in restoring or repairing your historic building or structure. Their keen attention to detail is an essential aspect in carrying out top-quality heritage work. Our team can restore or repair heritage buildings without causing any damage to these precious structures.

Contact us today to receive a free consultation and see how we can repair or restore your heritage project!

Safe and Fully Insured

At ALM Masonry, all our construction work is done with extreme caution and care. We make sure to use safe construction practices and employ all the necessary health and safety precautions to ensure that work is carried out in the best way possible.

The safety of people, your property, and our team are of paramount importance. Therefore, we will do everything in our power to provide a safe working environment that reduces the chance of any potential issues.

Because all our workers are highly qualified and well trained, this also significantly reduces the risk of any on-site accidents or injuries.

ALM Masonry Constructions team are all fully insured, bonded and licensed. This means that you can rest assured that there will be no additional cost to you in the unlikely event of an accident or issue during construction!

Areas We Service

ALM Masonry provides stonemasonry, brickwork and blockwork services across the entire Sydney area, including:

  • Camden

  • Liverpool

  • Campbelltown

  • Penrith

  • Blacktown

  • Inner West Sydney

  • Hawkesbury

  • Hills Shire District

  • Parramatta

  • North Shore

  • Northern Beaches

And many more locations! No matter where you are situated in Sydney, our services are available to you.

Receive Your Free Consultation!

At ALM Masonry, we even offer a free consultation to get you started with your construction project! Our friendly and helpful team will be glad to discuss your project and aid you in deciding the best plan to carry it out. 

We can provide advice to assist you in choosing which form of masonry will be best, what style of stone, brick or blocks to use, and what kind of finish is right for your project. Alternatively, if you already have a clear vision of what you would like, we can take your vision and make it a reality!

Our excellent customer service and great communication will ensure that your project runs smoothly and guarantee that you are completely satisfied with the result.

Whether you need repairs, restoration, heritage work, or a completely new building, ALM Masonry’s experienced construction services are available to you. Our award-winning team of skilled tradesmen are ready to construct your project and bring it to a successful completion! We warmly welcome you to call us today on and receive your free consultation!