What is Blockwork?

Blockwork refers to when blocks made of cement, concrete or related materials are used to construct structures. Our experienced block workers based in Sydney can use this method to create:

• Retaining walls

• Load-bearing walls

• Concrete footings

Concrete bricks are a popular choice used in blockwork. These blocks made out of concrete are durable and robust, making them ideal for load-bearing walls. They can also be custom moulded to create any shape or size required.

What are the Different Types of Block?

Each building or structure will require the use of different types of blocks. The kind of block chosen for each project will vary depending on its load-bearing characteristics, appearance, density, weight and thermal properties. The three main types of block are Dense, Aerated and Lightweight.

Dense Blocks are usually made from cement, coarse aggregate and fine aggregate. These blocks are very strong and are often used for structural purposes. They make an excellent choice for load-bearing walls and foundations.

These dense blocks have good thermal mass, helping to keep buildings cool in summer and warm in winter.

Aerated Blocks are made from cement, lime, pulverised fuel ash, and sand. They are convenient to work with as they are reasonably lightweight and easy to cut.

They have a closed-cell structure, which makes these blocks more water-resistant. They also have good thermal insulation properties and can protect against fire.

Lightweight Blocks are easy to handle but are a little pricier than dense blocks. They are produced from cement mixed with a variety of natural or artificial expanded aggregates. They can be used for external and internal walls, especially where loading is restricted.

Our expert team of tradesmen will be able to help choose the perfect type of block for your project to produce the best result.

What are the Advantages of Blockwork?

Blockwork is a popular choice as it is more affordable, and lightweight blocks are easier to work with. They are also hollow in the middle, making them lighter, and improving insulation.

Because of its durability and strength, blockwork is an excellent choice for internal or retaining walls.

What is the Difference between Blockwork and Brickwork?

Blockwork uses blocks made of materials such as cement or concrete in construction, whereas brickwork uses different kinds of bricks. Blocks are generally larger than bricks. 

Another key difference is that blockwork usually needs to be rendered or faced in a decorative material, while brickwork can be left as it is.

If you would like assistance in deciding which option is best for your project, please feel free to contact us to receive a free consultation!