What is Brickwork?

Brickwork is a form of masonry produced with the use of bricks and mortar. Bricks are laid on top of each other systematically and evenly. The joints between these bricks are then filled with suitable mortar, resulting in a sturdy structure, such as a brick wall.

Brickwork can be used in renovations, repairs, new builds and for constructing extensions.

Although basic brickwork can appear to be a simple process, other projects such as heritage work, landscaping, and brick siding are more complicated and require a skilled brick mason.

At ALM Masonry Constructions, our workers are highly-experienced in brickwork, so that you can be assured your project will be carried out with the most outstanding level of quality and care.

Our team of professionals are extremely capable, and reliable. If you have a historic building that needs renovations or repairs, you can trust us to carry the heritage work out with care.

There are so many different structures that brickwork can be used to construct, including:

• Arches

• Mitres

• Sills

• Retaining walls

• Feature walls

• Fences

• Garden beds

• Fireplaces

• Pizza ovens

• Piers

• Heritage Work

• Chimneys

• Repointing

• Underpinning

• Lintel & arch bar replacement

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What Types of Bricks are Used?

There are various types of bricks, so you can choose a style that suits you! A few options that are available include:

Burnt Clay is one of the most commonly used bricks, and these are used frequently in modern construction projects. They can be utilised to construct foundations, walls, and more.

Fly Ash Clay bricks are made using cement and fly ash, resulting in an attractive grey tone.  They are cast in a machine mould so they are uniform in shape. 

Sand Lime is a type of brick produced using lime and sand. They sometimes use a form of pigment to add colour to the appearance of the brick. Sand lime bricks are very strong and are a great choice for load-bearing walls.

There are many other types of brick available to choose from. We welcome you to contact our brickwork specialists, who will assist in selecting the right brick type for you.

ALM Masonry Constructions team sources only the highest quality bricks to achieve the best standard of brickwork for your project!

What are the Advantages of Brickwork?

Brickwork is durable, fire-resistant, and often a cheaper option than stonemasonry. It can also be a far quicker construction process.

Bricks absorb less heat than other masonry materials, so they aid in keeping buildings cool inside. This makes brickwork an excellent option for structures built in hot climates like Sydney.

What is the Difference Between Brickwork and Stone Masonry?

The main difference between these two forms of masonry is that Brickwork uses bricks, and stonemasonry constructs using stones! As mentioned above, brickwork is usually cheaper than stonemasonry and uses less mortar in the construction process.

Deciding whether to use bricks or stone on your project can sometimes be a difficult choice, but our friendly team are happy to advise you on which masonry type will be most suitable for you. Contact us today by calling for a free consultation!